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Enter to Uruguay, learn about the visa regime for your country.

Foreigner and would like to know if you require a visa to enter Uruguay, you can check on the website of the National Directorate of Migration of Uruguay to see the updated list of the visa regime for each country. VISA LIST

Uruguay requires visa for some nationalities to enter. This is an essential requirement in order to enter the country, and a visa is necessary regardless of the length of stay in Uruguay. Turkish passport holders are exempt from visas, and the maximum length of stay in Uruguay is 90 days. For other nationalities which require a visa, the length of stay permitted in Uruguay will be indicated on the visa after it has been granted.

The Consulates of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay abroad are in charge of receiving visa applications and will inform applicants about the necessary requirements in order to apply for a visa.


Those interested in applying for a visa to enter Uruguay should contact the Consulate closest to their country of residence.

In the following link you can find contact information about the Uruguayan Embassies and Consulates around the world: click here.


Visa authorization is granted by the National Directorate of Migration of Uruguay, and the process usually takes at least 30 business days from the moment of application to approval. Once the Consulate receives written authorization, the Consulate will issue the visa by stamping it in the passport of the solicitant.

Decree 356/2018 of October 29, 2018, established new categories of visas for entering Uruguay, namely, tourism visa, business visa, work visa, student visa, family reunification visa, humanitarian, and emergency visa, and also visa for congresses, conventions and national or international seminars. Each category is briefly described below.

As of February 2023, foreigners are not obliged to present a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or PCR test results, regardless of their age or nationality.

As of June 2023, foreigners who enter Uruguay by any means (air, land or sea) do not need to have health coverage or medical insurance, although it is highly recommended.


Those who wish to enter Uruguay temporarily for the purpose of pleasure, recreation, or leisure may apply for a tourist visa. 


Those who wish to enter Uruguay for investment or commercial exchange purposes, or carry out business activities with Uruguayan companies or companies based in Uruguay or public bodies, may apply for a business visa.


Those who intend to carry out labor activity in Uruguay may apply for a work visa.


Those who intend to study or benefit from scholarships or internships in governmental or exchange programs in institutions officially authorized by the corresponding competent authorities may request a study visa.



Those who wish to reunite with their family member(s) may request a family reunification visa in accordance with Article 10 of Law No. 18,250, dated January 6, 2008. According to the legislation, reunification may be requested by parents, spouses, minor children who are unmarried or adult children with disabilities. The reunification procedure may be carried out by a relative who holds permanent residence or has a residence application in process, provided that proof of legally accredited income has been submitted to the National Directorate of Migration of Uruguay accompanied by a written letter of consent by the relative who is legally resident in Uruguay.​



Those who have a well-founded cause such as a medical treatment, judicial hearing, judicial death, or who are duly accredited for entering Uruguay and those cases that are authorized by the competent authority in Uruguay may request a humanitarian and emergency visa.


Those who can show proof of an invitation by organizers of national or international event of public interest that is taking place in Uruguay may request this type of visa. 

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