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Living in Uruguay is your opportunity to enjoy a "calm" lifestyle and a mix of Latin American culture with European roots.

Uruguay has an open-minded society, where cultural activities, gastronomic experiences (especially for meat and wine lovers) and intercultural environments are part of everyday life.  Founded by immigrants, its habitants are known for being friendly and warm, always willing to share an asado or a round of mates.   

Its temperate climate is extremely pleasant, with four well-defined seasons and an average annual temperature of 17°C. A jacket and a woolen hat will be enough to get you through the winter.

It is the most egalitarian country in Latin America and the one that ranks first in low corruption and value of democracy, and its capital Montevideo is considered the city with the best quality of life in Latin America.

In addition, it is the only country in the world that successfully implemented the One Laptop Per Child - Plan Ceibal program, and has the best internet connectivity in Latin America that will allow you to access high speed internet from anywhere in the country.


For these reasons, and many other, in Uruguay you will find the perfect combination of modernity and calm. A quiet lifestyle, where you can breathe pure air, and at the same time offer cutting-edge services, due to its high digitalization, technological development and a great diversity of leisure offers for all tastes and ages.




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